My Games

What I’ve Done

These are games that I’ve made myself, mostly for university assignments.

I tend to prefer working in a team, and you can find my team-created games on this page (game jam creations) and this page.

Zomagotchi – 2015

My first foray into MonoGame turned this up. It was originally programmed for a games programming assignment in which I received a 2:1 grade. It wasn’t fully working at the time, however.

It is essentially a basic Tamagotchi-style game in which you have to keep your zombie fed and happy to prolong its life.

It is working now, and can (possibly) be downloaded from my Dropbox.

 Magna Farta – 2015

The less said about this, the better.


 Advent – 2013

This is the first game I ever made. It was an assignment for my Introductory Game Studies module. It’s not brilliant, but it has a weird charm.


We were instructed to use GameMaker, have a winter theme, use only ASCII art, and to include a frenzy mode lasting 15 seconds. The rest was free reign.

It’s a very simple little platformer with a few minor collision issues which I’ve yet to iron out.

You play as a little ASCII misanthrope who tries to collect all the Christmas cheer within his emotional before time runs out. If Ebeneezer accidentally picks up the Christmas cheer, he loses apathy. If apathy reaches 0, you lose. I fell in love with Ebeneezer a little bit throughout the development.

You can download the zip straight from my Dropbox here.