Make Games Not War

Games are fun to play, but they’re even more fun to make.

Below shows you where to find details about all the things I’ve been making, past and present.

My Games

If you’re looking for detail about my own one-(wo)man creations, this is the page you’re looking for.

A lot of what I do on my own is just for university assignments or practice for a different project. I prefer working as part of a team as I think it makes the process a lot more fun, and you can learn so much more with others than you can on your own.That said, the games I’ve made have been great fun in their own right.


My regular jam team and good friends of mine. Nothing can beat making games with these guys.

Our creations can be found in the sidebar, and information on our games is located here.

(Warning: They are of questionable artistic quality)

 Born Of Dreams

This is a larger project which I’ve been working on recently. It has an official website and everything.

If you want to know a bit more about my role in its creation, visit this page.