Blog 5

This week I thought it would be good to post up some examples and experimentation with what I’ve learned so far up to and including this week.

This first pattern shows an amalgamation of things I’ve learned over the last 4 weeks (not everything, but a decent sounding example of some). The source code is included below.

d1 $ append'(sound (samples’ “arpy” (irand 6))) (every 2 rev $ sound (samples’ “arpy” (run 8)))
|+|shape rand
|+| speed “[1 2 -2]/3”
|+|vowel “a e i o u”
|+|crush “2 2*2 3 3”

This week I looked at run and irand, which are included in the pattern above. run takes an integer and iterates through that many samples in the selected folder, starting from 0. irand takes an integer and returns a random number between 0 and i-1, which is used to index a random sample from the selected sound folder.

The second pattern is another attempt at shoehorning in the other things I’ve learned so far, but using multiple layers of audio.

d1 $ sound “[sn[sn sn]] sn”
|+|shape sinewave
d2 $ every 4 rev $ (sound “bd:2 sn:3*2 cp jvbass”)
d3 $ foldEvery [2, 4] (|+|up “3”) $ sound (samples’ “arpy” (irand 4))