I’m Rebeka. I make games.

I’m currently a third year student of Games Computing at the University of Lincoln. I started my course with very little programming experience and, 24 short months later, I’ve made a lot of progress. I still have a way to go, but I’m enjoying the journey.

A lot of the dev work I do currently is done within the context of game jams with my team, FaceDesk. I’ve also been working as a programmer on a larger project with a USA based dev team since the middle of 2015.

Programming is my thing, and my main areas of interest are game AI and game physics.

I have a very good knowledge of C# and experience using it with Unity and MonoGame, as well as in the Visual Studio IDE for console and Windows Forms programming. It’s probably my most comfortable language, but I’m always looking to branch. I also have some experience with C++, C, SQL, Java, Prolog and GML.

I’ve also been known to do game testing. If you’d like to use me for this purpose, please feel free to contact me.